Our Swedish Gustavian dining tables & dining chairs,carver chairs, antique Gustavian sofas and sideboards from 1800-1960 are available for private view at our 2500 sq ft showroom near Brighton off the A27 in the UK & we ship worldwide.

We also stock a lovely selection of Gustavian armchairs and wingback chairs, antique Gustavian settles and cabinets in a variety of original and painted finishes.

Gustavian Extendable Dining Tables

The Gustavian style is a timeless classic that fits perfectly into any home - whether you have traditional or modern styling.

Our Gustavian dining tables are especially popular pieces. They come in fully extended lengths of 180-315cm with 2-3 extra leaves and they reduce to approx 110cm in diameter (in the round)when closed. This makes them great if you need to change the seating length of your antique dining table when you have different numbers of guests for dinner. You just store the extra leaves in a cupboard until needed or leave the Gustavian dining table fully extended with your chosen number of leaves all the time if your dining room is big enough to take it. It looks extremely impressive but without the 'heaviness' you see in darker wood victorian style tables.

The Gustavian dining tables have a common design vocabulary with other Gustavian furniture with the classic long fluted legs, rosette carvings above the legs and the classic ribbed or reeded edging along the side of the table or sometimes on rarer dining tables, a beautifully carved egg and dart carved motif.

All original Gustavian dining tables from the 1800s or 1900s do not feature any carved decoration or sidebars on the original extra leaves which made them easier to store at a time when built in storage was unknown but we specialise in the make up and fitting of extra decorative sidepieces to your table leaves in our specialist bespoke workshop for an extra charge if you wish. We mqtch the beaded detailing on the main table and introduce lovely gustavian rosettes and flowers as the central detail in the middle of each sidebar.

This can also be a reeded motif or other specific detailing on request altho that may affect the cost. We can also handcarve copies of the egg and dart motif but that is a very time consuming and costly exercise.You can see examples of the sidepieces on several tables in the Dining Tables section. We can also handpaint the egg and dart decoration for you in a different colour to create a strong visual accent. This takes ages to do as it requires a steady hand and lots of patience but it's well worth it for the stunning effect it creates. Especially if the colour is heavily contrasted to teh main table colour.

For example a dining table that has been repainted in farrow and ball strong white 2001 look great with accenting in something like light blue 22. It really makes the detail stand out and of course you can match the accent detailing on your Gustavian dining chairs too.

The 1800s & 1900s Gustavian dining tables we stock all feature original paint finishes. They tend to be found in the classic Gustavian grey green colour or a lighter grey or very occasionally an antique white but we can repaint them for you if you wish in any colour if you want to match your interior. They also look amazing in mad colours like electric pink, hi gloss black or even stripes if you are going for a super modern look.So you can look in the Ecos, farrow and ball, little green paint company or other catalogues and choose exactly the right colour tone for your dining room.

The frame and the extending mechanisms are generally made of strong birch and are very sturdy with the longest 3m tables having an extra set of drop down legs in the centre to prevent the table from bowing in the centre. The 1900s dining tables are extremely hard wearing and great for every day use as kitchen table or for daily dining. They also look amazing as a formal dining table too so you get the best of both worlds. The 1900s dining tables often have a light layer of spray lacquer on top of the paint which provides added protection when in use. This started to become common after about 1920.

We always have a small selection of early and mid 1800s original Gustavian dining tables in stock too but they are much better used infrequently as they are not as strong as the later 1900s ones so you need to decide what kind of use you want your Gustavian dining table to undergo when choosing which period to go for. Certainly the early 1800 tables look amazing and have real character but they are definitely not as strong as their 1900s cousins. Also they cost significantly more due to their rarity.

You'll find a Gustavian dining table and chairs like these in almost every swedish home. They are usually bought for the new family as a wedding gift and often come with a matching sideboard, glass front cabinet and drawers too. Its a great look as a dining room set- so bring some Sweden into your home.

Do bear in mind when choosing your Gustavian dining table, that the dining chairs you choose to go with it will affect the number of people who can sit around it. So for example you need to assume that an individual 'seating' single allowing for elbow room is approx 50-60cm per person. This changes if your chairs are either wider than normal (approx 48-50cm) or narrower if 1800s in age (perhaps 42cm wide). So you can get more people around the table with smaller chairs but that needs to be balanced against the likely size of guests! The modern physique is significantly bigger and so people just take up way more space than they used to.

Do ask us to help you decide what table length to go for as we have 1900s tables in different lengths - 180cm/200cm/205cm/220cm/240cm/280cm/290cm etc

So here's a few things you need to consider when choosing your table:

What overall length do you need? | Will you need to change the length on a regular basis and if so is there somewhere nearby to keep the extending leaves? - remember they will take up more space if you have asked us to make up the decoratives sidepieces | What table leg shape do you prefer - round with flutes or pyramid? | Do you want the reeded side panelling or the egg and dart? | Do you want the table repainted - handpainted or sprayed? | how many guests will you have regularly and whats the maximum number of seats you need? - the width of your chosen seats as noted above will dictate your overall length requirements | Will you want to use the centre drop down legs on longer tables? | Do you want to choose a carver chair for each end of the table? |Do you want the decorative carvings to be painted in an accenting colour? | Would you like an extra layer of protective spray lacquier on your table? - matt or satin? |Do you want the table edge to be painted in a different colour to make it look very unusual? Does your dining table have to match any other furniture in the dining room?

There's lots to consider so do contact us and we will happily help you choose the right table and combination of elements

Gustavian Dining Chairs

To match our Gustavian dining tables, we source sets of 4-8 Gustavian dining chairs from 1820 to later 1900s. They all share the same Gustavian design features with the fluted legs and rosettes but the chair backs differ according to each shape. We usually stock Axet, Bellman, Rose back, Leksand, Shield back, Farmers Rococo depending on what we can find and they will have either webbed seats with top stuffing on the older Gustavian dining chairs or trap seats on the later ones.

They usually have the original paint but we can repaint in any colour you choose if thats your fancy and of course we offer a full master reupholstery service. We can also antique and distress them too if you want to achieve a particular finish.

Most of our clients these days opt to create mixed sets of Gustavian dining chairs which look very cool especially when tied together by a starting modern design fabric. As they share the same legs and seat shapes, they create a common feel that accentiuates the difference in the shapes of the chair backs. You can see some examples of mixed sets of Gustavian dining chairs on our dining chair page and i think you'll agree they look really good.

Do remember that Gustavian dining chairs form 1780-1900 are appreciable smaller and lower than the later 1900s chairs ( as the people were much shorter then so do bear that in mind when you make your choice. If you have regular large or heavy guests, the later Gustavian chairs are wider (approx 50cm), taller in floor to seat height (48cm as apposed to 42-44cm on 1800s Gustavian dining chairs) and much sturdier in use.

Gustavian Sofas

We have a superb selection of original antique gustavian sofas from 1800-1940 with wonderful carved detail and superb fully sprung seating. We have 2 seater, 3 seater and 4 seater Swedish Gustavian sofas in stock in the original fabric or covered in calico and we offer a full reupholstery service for all our antique sofas. They have painted or gilt finishes and make a stunning centrepiece to any room. We can advise you on what type of fabric to choose and can work in leather, suede or whatever els eyou fancy as long as it is suitable for upholstery.

Our earliest sofas tend to be from the period 1780-1840 - they are really lovely but clearly much more delicate than later sofas and of course they are slightly smaller too in seat depth as the people of the time were smaller. For daily use, we would recommend Gustavian sofas from 1850-1950. They share the same levels of carved detail, webbed and sprung seating with natural fibre and horsehair padding but are more robust and a bit deeper in the seat. You would be amazed how comfortable they are once properly reupholstered. They can be perfect for both formal settings and for every day lounging too.

The sofas often have a pair of matching Gustavian carver chairs with them and look great as a set.

Because of the classic decoration, the Gustavian sofas can look great in any environment and take traditional fabric designs and modern fabrics equally well. There's a good reason why the Gustavian sofa design has been so widely copied in later furniture stylings - it looks great!

Email us now to get prices or ask questions on our stock or call 07958788555 to book a private viewing 7 days a week.





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